A Google Image Search for “Pregnancy Dental Work”

As you may assume, I did a lot of Googling around the topic of dental work during pregnancy. It wasn’t until this week, however, that I decided to Google image search the term. You guys, it’s a weird scary world. Let’s take a look, shall we!? Please note that I have zero interest in being critical of a woman’s appearance. But, rest assured, these are stock image models with fake pregnant tummies and the hair of beautiful ponies. By law, they are not considered people. That said, here we go:

1.  “I pee-peed on my toothbrush and it says I’m pregnant… really pregnant!!”


2.  “These are my teeth and this is my belly. These are my teeth and this is my belly. These are my teeth and this my belly. Now I’m ready to be a MOM!”


3. “Your mama’s breath so bad…” 


4. Unless that glass is full of Ranch dressing, I cannot relate to this woman AT ALL.

5. “My butt hurts!”


There are so many more. This will surely be a series.

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